Quincy Air Master Model 251CS80VCBM 5 HP Review

Quincy Air Master Model 251CS80VCBM

The Quincy Air Master air compressor model# 251CS80VCBM is an industrial-strength air compressor that can provide anywhere from 145 to 175 PSI on a consistent basis. It is an effective machine that retails for about $3,000 and is likely to be used by professionals and individuals who need compressed air for cleaning, inflation, or other jobs. The compressor also has several extra features that make it quite desirable, and those features will be discussed in detail.


The Product at a Glance

 The guiding direction in the manufacture of the Quincy Air Master air compressor model# 251CS80VCBM was efficiency and the lowest possible operating costs. Because of that, this product runs at a slower RPM than most equivalent air compressors. This also decreases the running temperature of the unit.

Beyond the actual running of the machine, this compressor features some perks such as an automatic tank drain feature, an automatic shutdown for low oil situations, and a heavy duty after-cooler that will help keep the product from getting hot after a long period of use. This makes it a very easy machine to run for those who are not fully experienced in how to run and maintain an air compressor.


User Reviews

 Reviews for the Quincy Air Master air compressor model# 251CS80VCBM were generally extremely positive from those who purchased it. Users noted that the machine had all the power they needed but ran very quietly for such a large air compressor. The unit is billed as having a service life of 50,000 hours, and most users agreed that it met that billing.

Users who were less familiar with air compressors but who still needed a large one to get the job done noted that this machine was very easy to use and that its automated functions made maintenance a breeze. Overall, the power, durability, and simplicity of use were all frequently mentioned by users as a major selling point of this product.


Criticism of the Product

 Among the negative feedback received about this product were some complaints about the top-heavy nature of the compressor. When setting up the Quincy Air Master air compressor model# 251CS80VCBM, you should make sure to bolt the machine to the floor if possible.

Some users also stated that the compressor doesn’t tend to run as cool as stated, with some users reporting that the tank got very hot after heavy use. You should keep this in mind if you plan on using the machine frequently. Keeping an eye on the temperature of the tank and making sure that you have no debris or flammable items nearby during operation is an important thing to keep in mind.


Overall, the Quincy Air Master air compressor model# 251CS80VCBM is a popular compressor that is easy for novices to pick up but powerful enough for professionals to use. If you have a need for an industrial-strength air compressor, you should take a good look at this model.

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