Porter-Cable CPLMC7580V2C Compressor Review

Porter-Cable CPLMC7580V2C

The PORTER-CABLE CPLMC7580V2C vertical compressor is a large and powerful air compressor that is best used for large jobs that require either a lot of inflation or a lot of air cleaning. Retailing at around $4,000, it is on the higher end of the price scale for air compressors, but also delivers more power than most of the competition. The machine has an equivalent 195 gallon tank, giving you more air than you will need for almost any job.


A Big Compressor for Big Jobs

Weighing in at a hefty 470 pounds, the PORTER-CABLE CPLMC7580V2C vertical compressor is not an air compressor for people who face small jobs. This is an industrial strength machine capable of putting out 175 psi. The tank itself is 80 gallons but provides pressure equivalent to a 195 gallon tank, meaning that all but the very biggest jobs are well within its reach.

For those who plan to use the device in colder areas, the crankcase and head are made of aluminum, which provides better working conditions for the more extreme climates. As a general rule of thumb, this is a product that is most likely to be purchased by professionals or by individuals who do a lot of work involving the use of compressed air.

User Reactions

Users who got a chance to try the PORTER-CABLE CPLMC7580V2C vertical compressor were almost universally happy with its performance. The machine provides all the power and utility that its promotional material boasts, and few people if anybody had a job that was too big for this product.

Most users indicated that the vibration level is very low for such a large machine, meaning that any work done with this product was able to get done without disturbing other individuals or projects in the area. Most users found that the machine runs just fine for a period of up to five hours if needed. As long as you have the work that needs to be done, this air compressor is able to do it for you.

Product Drawbacks

Users who voiced criticism about the PORTER-CABLE CPLMC7580V2C vertical compressor pointed to the fact that this compressor needs to be carefully installed. It is somewhat top-heavy and should thus be bolted firmly to the floor wherever it will be used. The product also needs to be carefully attached to a vent in order to maintain the warranty.

This product does not come with a cast iron pump, which is not a problem for many people but which might raise some questions about durability for those who expect to put the compressor in a lot of rough situations. All in all, the most important thing to remember about this product is that the instruction manual should be read and followed at all times.

As long as you are familiar with the installation and use of air compressors, the PORTER-CABLE CPLMC7580V2C vertical compressor should provide you with everything you need for most jobs. This is a well-reviewed, durable, and effective air compressor.

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