Owon SDS7102 Oscilloscope Review

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Owon SDS7102 Oscilloscope

A good oscilloscope is a must when you do any sort of electrical work. The Owon SDS7102 is designed in the hopes of delivering an easy-to-use device that can be used by either professionals or people who are engaging in a do-it-yourself product at home.

This particular oscilloscope is lightweight but durable, tends to be rated highly for its accuracy, and has a number of extra functions that many users find to be quite useful.



About the Product

The Owon SDS7102 is a two-channel oscilloscope that can be used to test electrical currents, ensure stability, and help with general electrical installations. This particular model has a 100 MHz memory that allows it to store multiple readings for retrieval later on. It comes with a LAN interface that allows you to transfer files easily to your computer or home network.


Additionally, a VGA interface is also available. This feature wasn’t used often by reviewers, but it does work effectively, and allows users to display their readings on a larger screen if they desire to do so. If you buy this product new, which will cost around $520, you will also receive a three-year warranty from the manufacturer.

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User Praise

The majority of user reviews regarding the Owon SDS7102 were positive. Reviewers liked the size a lot, noting that the oscilloscope is light enough to be portable, but sturdy enough that it can take a drop or two and still function properly. The screen is glare-resistant and was easy to read, thanks to its excellent contrast.

Many users also liked the LAN interface feature, as it offers more stability than a USB cable and doesn’t require a person to remember where a specific cord or attachment might be. This product offers a sample depth of 10M, which users commented was more than adequate in order to get most of the readings they were looking for. Overall, reviewers liked the machine’s reliability.



User Criticism

One of the negative comments that users had with the Owon SDS7102 was the fact that the LAN connection, while very useful, was not detailed anywhere in the user manual. To get around this, you should look to the machine itself, which has a step-by-step set of instructions that covers the connection to a LAN network.

Still, some users felt that this important information should have been included in the user manual. People who are used to the instant reactions of a manual oscilloscope might also be disappointed that there is a small lag when inputting a new current. Some other reviewers noted that the software included in the manual can be buggy, especially on nonstandard operating systems.

Most of the user criticisms leveled at the Owon SDS7102 were focused on peripheral bits and matters of minor convenience. If you are willing to deal with these minor flaws, the device as a whole was very well received, and has a great reputation from viewers. Overall, this looks like one of the better digital oscilloscopes on the market.

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