Megger MIT400 Insulation Tester Review

Megger MIT400 Insulation Tester

The Megger MIT400 insulation tester provides a way to determine the resistance levels of electrical insulation and much more. The device is a combination of digital and analog, giving you the ability to choose the setup that best suits your preferences. The cost of this device varies, ranging between $450 and $750 at most retail outlets. This machine is well tested and backed by a strong reputation, making it one of the more popular tools in an electrician’s tool kit.


Product Features

This device is most likely to be useful to electricians, cable installers, and maintenance workers. If you are undergoing a home repair project that will put you in contact with electrical cables, you might find the Megger MIT400 to be useful to you as well. The built-in voltmeter helps to measure insulation resistance, voltage, and continuity in electrical systems. A dual LCD screen provides digital readings for those who want a precise readout, and an analog meter for those who prefer the more old-fashioned approach to insulation testing. This machine comes with a voltage detection system that prevents a test from running when a circuit has a greater voltage than 50V, which is necessary to help protect the user.

Megger MIT400 Insulation Tester Review

Praise for the Insulation Tester

Users who tried out the Megger MIT400 were generally very positive about how well it worked. Some of the items mentioned were a very high-end capacity, with this particular device being capable of reading up to 200G ohms, and the dual display readout, which met many user preferences. The ability to add extra features like a Bluetooth connection for information downloads to a computer were also very appealing. The tester comes with full certification, meaning that users didn’t have to do as much in terms of calibration when compared to lower-end insulation testers. Overall, reviewers of this product are almost universally positive, and agree that this unit can meet the needs of almost anybody.


Criticism of the Insulation Tester

Some users took issue with the price of the Megger MIT400, as the devices in this series tend to be more expensive than other comparable brands. Many users did mention that the extra expense is usually worth it, however, since this insulation tester provides more data storage and more accurate readings than most of the competition. Other users mentioned that offloading data from the device to a computer can be tricky, especially if you are using a less common operating system such as Linux. No information was lost during these difficult transfers, but the actual procedure to get the data from one machine to another can be difficult to figure out if you aren’t experienced with the process.

As a whole, the Megger MIT400 series is a top-of-the-line insulation tester that almost everybody approves of. Whether it is worth the extra cost over other similar models depends on how serious you are about the job at hand. If you need something that can handle a lot of power, hold a lot of data, and remain reliable after years of repeated use, this is a product you should check out.

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