Maxair C5160V1-MAP Air Compressor Review

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Maxair C5160V1-MAP 60-Gallon

The Maxair C516oV1-MAP is a heavy-duty air compressor that is capable of handling most jobs. The goal behind the design of this machine appears to be durability and functionality, of which the unit has both. Read on for more information about the potential uses of the Maxair C5160V1-MAP and what users who have tried the unit have to say about it.



The Product at a Glance

This unit is a single-stage high performance air compressor with a cast iron casing that makes it extremely durable. It weighs in at more than 300 pounds, which means that you will most likely choose a spot in your basement, shed, or garage and park it there, setting it up near a work station where you have the most need for compressed air.

Air compressors are useful for many different jobs, including tire inflation, high-pressure cleaning, and much more. Because this product is reasonably affordable when compared to other similar air compressors, it can find use among professionals who need air to do their job and home users who have a lot of hands-on projects on a regular basis.



Positive Feedback from Customers

Customers who purchased the Maxair C5160V1-MAP and had a chance to use it generally had good things to say about this product.

The unit has a high air pressure capacity, but is built well enough that cracking around the top of the tank rarely occurs. Customers liked the fact that the unit had an extended drain valve, meaning that maintenance was easier to perform because they didn’t have to reach under the unit to open the valve.

The air released is a dry air with no oil mixed in due to the compressor. The compressor is somewhat loud, but is slightly quieter than other models that provide this much pressure. Overall, users called this product a solid, well-built machine that got the job done.



Criticism from Customers

Few customers found anything wrong with the way the Maxair C5160V1-MAP functions, but a few had some trouble with some peripheral issues. One big complaint was the fact that the user manual doesn’t come with any wiring instructions. Online tutorials are able to fill this gap, but the lack of instructions frustrated some users quite a bit.

A few users complained that the belt that was supplied with the machine broke easily. Fortunately, it is easy to purchase a stronger belt and replace it if this happens to you. Finally, some individuals had issues with the machine’s stability, especially after long hours of use. It is always important to make sure you anchor your air compressor correctly to avoid this issue.

Most users agree that the Maxair C5160V1-MAP is a functional and effective air compressor. If you need a device with a lot of power and reliability, this is a relatively affordable product that you should consider purchasing.

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