Leica Geosystems DISTO E7400x Review

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Leica Geosystems DISTO E7400x updated

The Leica Geosystems DISTO E7400x is an accurate and durable laser distance measurer that can help with measurements ranging from as close as two inches to as far away as 80 meters. 

It also comes with a guarantee of its durability and a warranty that ranges from two years from the date of purchase to three years if you register the machine. Read on to find out what users had to say about this product.


Leica Geosystems DISTO E7400x in action

Product Features

The DISTO E7400x boasts accuracy to within one millimeter, even at long distances. Users who have tried out this device indicate that this is a correct assessment of the machine’s abilities. The product also includes a 360 degree tilt sensor that can allow users to measure height values or the distance over an obstruction.

The machine has been drop tested from six feet, meaning that it can survive most small falls without losing any functionality. This product is most likely to be used by construction workers and do-it-yourselfers that need an accurate way to measure distances. It also has the potential for recreational use in environments ranging from rock climbing to the golf course.


Leica Geosystems DISTO E7400x laser

Pros of the Product

The DISTO E7400x is a popular product and has thus received many positive user reviews. The device’s accuracy was frequently pointed to as a major plus, as was the speed of use when compared to manual devices like tape measures. The machine also has several ways to make the user’s life easier, such as the ability to perform unit conversions, area calculations based on multiple measurements, and much more.

By being able to take multiple measurements in a matter of moments, the device is capable of turning a job that typically needs multiple people on hand into something that can be done simply and effectively with only one person.



Product Drawbacks

Among the issues that reviewers had with the Leica DISTO E7400x was a problem of stability. Some users had trouble holding the unit steady while pressing the button when using the product to measure something far away. Using a tripod or some other stabilizing device might help in this regard.

Other people had trouble seeing the laser dot of the distance meter in bright sunlight. This is especially difficult for people who have poor eyesight. In general, training the dot on something close by and then following it to the area you are measuring helps. Other users expressed an interest in accessories that are not out yet, such as an extender to help get past the lips on windows and similar obstacles.

Overall, the praise is significant and the criticism minor for the DISTO E7400x laser distance meter. This product is very useful for those who want a quick and accurate way to measure distances and is one of the most popular laser distance meters on the market today. Coming with a large amount of positive word of mouth and an affordable price, this is a worthy purchase for most users to make.

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