Leica DISTO 764558 D8 Review

Leica DISTO 764558 D8

The Leica DISTO 764558 D8 laser distance measurer is a device that can be used for anything from construction to recreation. The device measures the angle and distance between two points using laser technology, which gives extremely accurate information. Integrated Bluetooth technology allows you to transfer the information directly to your computer or mobile device, making data manipulation and storage a breeze.

Target Users

The Leica DISTO 764558 D8 has a broad target audience, since many different people have uses for a laser distance measurer. Contractors and construction workers can use this device for their jobs, while people who are undertaking a home project can use it in a similar manner. It can also be used for recreation purposes, such as to determine the distance from the green on a golf course. Marketers can use the laser distance measurer to figure out the ideal location and angle for billboards and other visual advertisements. Overall, finding a target audience hasn’t been hard for Leica, since virtually everybody has at least some use for a laser distance measurer at one point or another in their lives.





Convenience and Accuracy

People who have tried this model have been generally impressed with the convenience that it offers. Weighing in at a mere 1.3 pounds, it can easily fit into a pocket and be carried virtually anywhere. Many users were also impressed with the device’s accuracy at long distances. The distance measurer comes equipped with a high-resolution camera, which helps determine a target’s size, weight, and ruggedness. For users with compatible computers, the data transfer from device to computer via Bluetooth connection was fast and convenient, making this a very versatile machine. While not terrifically rugged, the machine is capable of withstanding a few drops if needed.

Criticism from Users

Some users who purchased this product did have a few items of criticism regarding the Leica DISTO 764558 D8 laser distance measurer. PC users who have Windows 7 64-bit systems sometimes have trouble with the connection speed of the Bluetooth link. In a few cases, the connection doesn’t work very quickly or the information is garbled. This can be handled with some patching and the use of special compatibility modes, but that requires more work than some people are willing to do. The machine was noted to be rugged, but isn’t quite as durable as some of Leica’s other products. Overall, the $800 price tag put some people off in favor of one of Leica’s older, less expensive products.

Overall, the Leica DISTO 764558 D8 laser distance measurer is a solid product that has only a few drawbacks. Its size and accuracy make it a convenient measuring device with a lot of different possible uses. If you have a compatible computer system or are willing to do a bit of extra work to set things up, the Bluetooth connection makes it extremely easy to upload all measurements to your personal computer.

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