Kohler 14RESAL-20 Review

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Kohler 14RESAL-200 Review

With the increasing incidence of power outages and the dependence on machines in almost every walk of life for both consumers and businesses, the Kohler generator is a welcome product. The generator can automatically take over in situations of power failure within seconds.

Kohler being a well-known brand in Engines and Generators delivers excellent service to both professionals and home owners. The  Kohler 14RESAL -200 comes with a 5 year/ 2000 hour limited warranty and boasts of the following advantages to the buyer:


  • Superior quality power through cutting edge voltage and frequency regulation feature integrated with minimal harmonic distortion to protect sensitive electronic appliances.
  • High performance because of the PowerBoost technology because of which the generator can easily start and run even a 5 ton air conditioner.
  • Sturdy corrosion resistant body which can even survive in harsh environments. It can even function without any issues at -300 F.
  • Kohler’s unique excitation feature – Fast – Response ensures great voltage response and ability to work against short circuits.
  • The modern noise reduction feature ensures that the generator functions quietly without adding to the noise pollution levels.
  • Remote monitoring with Optional OnCue provides the ability to control the Kohler generation from anywhere without any issues.
  • Does not require refueling as it runs on natural gas or liquid propane.
  • Automatic start in case of power failure starts in as less as 10 seconds.





  • Compact size 48 X 26.2 X 29 inches
  • 14,000 Watt, 200 Amp generator, whole house transfer single switch, integrated pad for mounting, braided flexible fuel line of stainless steel and simple terminal for connection.
  • Model RXT automatic transfer switch
  • EPA certified fuel system
  • Corrosion resistant polymer body
  • Oil drain extension available with shutoff valve
  • Rodent resistant body for long life
  • Sound minimizing and flame retardant foam incorporated on lines with UL 94, Class HF -1 standards.
  • Multi fuel system : Natural gas and LPG, field convertible


It comes with a wide range of accessories for remote communication, better control and monitoring, superior maintenance, generator starting aids and transfer switch accessories.

Kohler 14RESAL-200 product verdict on the basis of the reviews from customers is that it is essentially a clean, corrosion resistant generator which starts fast and can even be operated remote.  It has an easy to read digital interface which provides a quick, at glance information on the generator upkeep. Being a Kohler product the parts are easily available and the service is also excellent.

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