Ingersoll Rand SS5 Vertical Compressor Review

Ingersoll Rand SS5 Vertical Compressor

A good air compressor can be very useful for a wide variety of different jobs, from using air-tools to inflating tires and other objects. The Ingersoll Rand SS5 vertical compressor is a relatively well-reviewed air compressor that can be used in many different ways. There are a number of separately sold accessories that can help enhance the quality of this product even further. With solid support and quality, this is an air compressor worth considering.


Uses for the Vertical Compressoringersoll-rand-ss5

 The Ingersoll Rand SS5 vertical compressor can be used for a wide range of different tasks. It is ideal for both do-it-yourself home projects and professionals who require compressed air for their jobs. This air compressor can be used to clean different machines in order to increase their lifespan. It can also be used to inflate tires, rafts, and other similar objects.

With a price tag ranging between $1,300 and $1,400, this product isn’t something that casual users can afford, but it is something that can pay for itself if you have a lot of jobs that might require a good vertical compressor. Between the convenience it offers and the ability to extend the lifespan of other equipment, it can be very cost effective.


Praise for this Product

 Users who purchased and tried this vertical compressor were generally satisfied with the product. Many people commented on how relatively quiet the machine was, as most air compressors are incredibly loud. Although the Ingersoll Rand SS5 does generate some noise during operation, that noise is significantly less than similar products, often allowing people to carry on conversations while the compressor is running. The compressor is very durable, and can withstand impact with other machinery in the case of a drop or accidental collision. Most people who use it will be able to keep this compressor functioning for years without any problem whatsoever.


Criticism of the Product

 Some users had issues with this product, although much of that was due to problems with setup. Setup instructions should be carefully followed at all times. For example, the instructions recommend that a 60-amp circuit be used during setup, and this may require some rewiring of the location where the compressor is to be used.

Some people who had issues with this product reported trouble with the customer service line, and it seems that many different activities can potentially void the two-year warranty that comes with the product. Because of that issue and the relatively expensive price tag, this is a product best used by somebody who knows their compressors rather than complete novices.


Despite a few minor issues, the Ingersoll Rand SS5 vertical compressor is a sturdy and effective product that can meet almost anybody’s air compression needs. The product offers extreme functionality, and is guaranteed for a minimum of two years of moderate to heavy use. Users were satisfied on the whole, with some people claiming that it was the best compressor they have experienced first-hand.

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