Industrial Air IV7518023 Compressor Review

A good air compressor can be used for practically anything. Whether you need to inflate tires, give a machine a high-pressure cleaning, or virtually anything else, a strong compressor will help you with nearly any task. For those who need a high-end professional unit for their job, the Industrial Air IV7518023 compressor is one of the better-reviewed products on the market, with most users indicating a high level of satisfaction with few criticisms.


Industrial Air IV7518023 Compressor

Uses for the Product

The Industrial Air IV7518023 compressor has a retail price of approximately $2,600, putting it in a price range where it is likely to be used mostly by those who have frequent need for an air compressor. As such, it is a professional grade device that is made of cast iron and designed for frequent rigorous use.

If you have need for a machine that can withstand a lot of punishment, and plan on using one often in your various home projects, you fall within one of the target audiences for this device. This air compressor is useful to auto repair shops and other businesses that need such a tool. It is not very portable, and is thus best kept stationary in one particular place.


Features of the Air Compressor

Several reviewers got a chance to try the Industrial Air IV7518023 compressor, and the results were largely positive. The compressor has a maximum output of 175 PSI, putting it on the higher end of power. Users liked the fact that they could operate multiple air tools at once.

The motor is durable and capable of taking several hours of use without dying out, which was another well-received feature of the device. Some users were impressed with the mounted magnetic starter, which makes it much easier to get the machine running than with a traditional starter. Finally, the large tank appealed to a lot of users, who had tasks large enough to need the full 80 gallons.


Criticism of the Product

Even people who had criticism for the Industrial Air IV7518023 compressor generally liked the product, but that’s not to say that it has no flaws. The product weighs in at a hefty 650 pounds, meaning that people who want an air compressor that can be moved easily should probably look into another option.

However, if you need something that combines mobility and power, it is possible to get a mobility kit that can add wheels to the product for an extra cost. It is also worth noting that this product is not designed for casual users. Individuals who haven’t used an air compressor before or who don’t have a lot of experience might have some difficulty in reading the instruction manual.

Overall, the Industrial Air IV7518023 compressor is one of the higher-end air compressors on the market, and is ideal for people who have experience with this sort of machine. It is used by professionals and skilled hobbyists alike, and is very popular overall with those who have tried it out.

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