Ideal 61-954 SureTest Circuit Tracer Review

Ideal 61-954 SureTest Circuit Tracer

When doing construction or installation work, a good circuit tester allows you to find fuses and breakers through walls, making sure that you work safely without having to tear up an entire wall to find the wiring you need. The Ideal 61-954 is a well-reviewed circuit tracer that provides an easy-to-understand display, accurate information, and the ability to detect multiple circuits at once. Users were generally positive about this product, with specifics detailed below.


Using the Product

The Ideal 61-954 allows you to trace wiring behind a wall and find fuses without having to get a physical look at them. The product is extremely portable and lightweight, weighing in at only three pounds. The machine is extremely accurate, and can catch almost any circuit, even if it has been de-energized. Even older walls that sometimes disrupt the ability of a circuit tracer tend not to be an obstacle with this product. Many users reported using the tracer in older houses that have lead paint and other minerals that make detection difficult. The unit was also reported to be quite durable, coming with a hard plastic case that makes it capable of sustaining a drop or minor collision without too much trouble.


Pros of the Unit

Reviewers who got a chance to test out the Ideal 61-954 included amateur do-it-yourselfers, electrician apprentices, and professionals. Almost everybody commented on the machine’s accuracy and its usability right out of the box. The machine comes completely ready to be picked up and used, meaning that even those with limited experience should be able to get a handle on things right off the bat. Misfires and inaccurate readings were minimally reported, and most people who tried the circuit tracer out were very happy with how accurate it was. The product was reported to be quite durable, and in the case that something does go wrong, it comes with a two-year warranty that is quite comprehensive.


Cons of the Unit

One of the big problems that users reported with the Ideal 61-954 is that it can be a little too sensitive at times. This means that there are the occasional false positives, especially if you are in an area that has a lot of possible short circuits in neighboring lots. Using this tracer in a neighborhood with small lots and close houses can come with quite a bit of frustration. Users in trailer parks also experienced similar troubles. If you are going to purchase the unit, you should make sure that you in an area where there won’t be a lot of conflicting short circuits or bad wiring jobs. If you can’t guarantee that, you can still use this device, but it may require a bit of patience to get through the false positive problem.

As a whole, the Ideal 61-954 is one of the better reviewed circuit tracers out there. If you want sensitivity and accuracy, most users agree that there are very few better options out there.


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