IDEAL 61-920 Ground Resistance Clamp Meter Review

IDEAL 61-920 Ground Resistance Clamp Meter

A ground resistance tester allows you to figure out what sort of electrical setup you have in a service area. By placing the device into the ground, you can get an understanding of what sort of electrical resistance you might encounter in a specific section of land, telling you whether or not it’s worth installing a line there.

The IDEAL 61-920 clamp meter is a well-reviewed device used mostly by professionals who will be installing cable and who want an accurate reading.


Features of the Device

The IDEAL 61-920 clamp meter is one of the simpler ground resistance testers on the market. Rather than handle multiple leads and careful setup configurations, you can clamp the meter directly to the ground and get an immediate reading.

With a price tag over $1000, it’s not terribly likely that amateurs will be interested in this device, but it is invaluable to professionals who want to save time and make sure that a specific section of ground is safe for electrical installation.

The readings are fast and easy to view, and the device can hold multiple resistance readings at one time. This allows an installer to view several areas and determine the best place to make an installation.

Praise for the Tester

Professional users who got a chance to try out the IDEAL 61-920 clamp meter provided almost universal praise for the device, citing its accuracy and ability to facilitate multitasking as its best features. Many users liked the fact that the device was able to save up to 99 readings at one time, as this makes it easy for almost any size of installation to work without having to lose any data.

The backlit screen makes it easy to read the device no matter what sort of light you are in. Finally, a lot of users liked the fact that the device comes with an auto power off feature. This allowed them to save on batteries, as the device will shut itself down if you leave it on and idle for too long a time.

Drawbacks of the Tester

Users in general had very little criticism to offer with regard to the IDEAL 61-920 clamp meter. It was noted that this is very much a professional’s tool and not something amateur do-it-yourselfers should consider. The manual is relatively dense with technical terms and the device itself is not friendly to users who are unfamiliar with ground resistance testers.

At the same time, the high price tag for the product is unlikely to draw amateurs in, so this is very much a result of IDEAL knowing the market they are catering to. Some users reported a durability concern with the clamp, but this was easily resolved via the meter’s limited two-year warranty.

IDEAL is one of the most trusted names in electrical installation, and the IDEAL 61-920 clamp meter is one of the better products they have put out. Professionals have high praise for the device, which works exactly as advertised and has very few drawbacks.

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