Generac Guardian Series 5887 Standby Generator Review

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Generac Guardian Series 5887 Standby Generator

Generac is a trusted name when it comes to generators, and the Guardian Series 5887 standby generator is one of their more popular products. This standby generator can run on either liquid propane or natural gas, and is connected directly to your gas line. Combined with an automatic transfer switch, the generator can kick on immediately after power goes out in your home, and keep your lights and appliances running for many hours.


About the Generator

The Guardian Series 5887 provides up to 20,000 watts of power when run on liquid propane, and 18,000 watts when running on natural gas. This is more than enough wattage to effectively keep the appliances in a medium-sized household running.

Homes that are very large or which have high electrical usage might need to pick and choose which appliances they connect to the generator and which luxuries they can go without if the power goes off for an extended period of time.

The generator’s motor and controls are enclosed in an aluminum case that helps protect it from the elements. This machine is ACRB compliant, meaning that it meets the emissions standards of all 50 states.


Generac Guardian Series 5887 Review

Hands-On Feedback

 Users who reviewed the Guardian Series 5887 after getting a chance to operate it were mostly positive in their feedback. When combined with a transfer switch, the product turned on seamlessly, and provided backup power immediately. It is worth noting, however, that the transfer switch is a separate accessory.

Most users highly recommended the purchase of such a product, as it takes all the stress out of a power outage or other disaster. The generator runs in an exercise mode once per week, but most people found that the 13-minute cycle wasn’t disruptive at all. In fact, the generator as a whole runs very quietly, and was almost unnoticeable in terms of noise for some users.


Criticism from Users

 The most common problem that occurred with the Guardian Series 5887 is the fact that there is a bug when using quiet mode. If you leave the generator on quiet mode, it will stall during its weekly test routine. Unfortunately, this is not something that Generac has a fix for as of yet, so it is usually best to just leave quiet mode off.

The unit is generally reliable but is not immune to the occasional breakdown, so mechanical failures are not unheard of. Even if you have this generator, you should make sure that you are well-prepared in case something goes wrong. Generac’s customer service seems to be generally hit or miss, with some people having no problem, but others complaining about the experience.

 Based on the reviews that came in from users, the Generac Guardian Series 5887 is a solid but not perfect standby generator that will get the job done in most situations. You should be prepared for the troubles that occasionally come up with this kind of product, but otherwise, the generator will likely give you the reliability and power you need to keep your home running in the worst of times.

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