Generac Guardian Series 5883 Review

Generac Guardian Series 5883 Review

The Generac Guardian 5883 can provide up to 10,000 watts of power in case of an emergency, and uses gas power to keep your home lit during a blackout or other emergency event. The generator is CARB compliant, meaning that it is legal for use in the state of California as well as the 49 other states. This is generally a popular model that sells well for Generac. Read on for more details, features and criticisms regarding this standby generator.


Information about Standby Generators

Generac makes multiple kinds of generators. Portable generators are intended for use in a variety of areas, and can be moved from site to site. The Generac Guardian 5883, on the other hand, is a standby generator. That means that it provides more power than a portable model, but is anchored to a particular site. This particular model is useful for homes and small businesses that want to safeguard against a loss of power. The machine can run either on liquid propane, in which case it provides up to 10,000 watts of power, or natural gas, in which case the unit can provide 9,000 watts. The generator is encased in sturdy steel, which makes it easy to maintain over a long period of time.

Generac Guardian Series 5883
Praise for the Generator

Most users who got a chance to try the Generac Guardian 5883 were impressed with how easily it handled. Installation was simple for experienced installers, and it is possible to have a propane company run a line directly to the unit. That means there is no need to refill the generator, and that it will run continuously until it is no longer needed. The unit has an automatic mode that runs a weekly self test, making sure that it is always running in top condition. The machine also has a built-in trickle charger that keeps the battery constantly charged. American customers also noted that Generac provides good customer support should a problem arise.


Criticism of the Generator

The few customers who experienced a total mechanical failure when dealing with the Generac Guardian 5883 noted that getting the unit repaired requires travel to an approved Generac service center, which can be difficult to find in more rural areas. Bringing the unit to another repair shop is an option, but doing so may void the warranty. This particular model does not come with a transfer switch, meaning that you have to turn the generator on manually if your utility power fails. However, it is worth noting that a transfer switch can be purchased separately, resolving this problem. Setting up the unit also requires a code over the phone, which some users saw as an unnecessary step.

As a whole, the Generac Guardian 5883 is a powerful standby generator that can keep your appliances running smoothly during a blackout. As long as you are experienced in generator installation or have a professional to help you, you should encounter few problems with this machine.

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