Generac 5837 Standby Generator Review


Generac 5837The Generac 5837 standby generator is a good machine to have if you are in an area where losing power can be crippling. It provides enough energy to fully power a medium-sized house for a period of several hours, including essential appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, and sump pumps. Having a standby generator available can be very helpful in difficult times, and is especially useful in areas that get heavy storms, tornadoes, or other natural disasters.



Information about Standby Generators

The Generac 5837 is a standby generator, which means it is designed to provide emergency power to a home or other building. This is in contrast to a portable generator, which provides short-term power to small groups of appliances or camping utilities.

This generator will be able to keep most utilities in your home on during a long-term blackout, such as what people on the East Coast experienced during Superstorm Sandy. It is not meant to provide 24/7 power over a long period of time, so you shouldn’t be using it to power a hunting cabin or other building that you want to keep “off the grid.” When you buy a Generac standby generator, you are making an investment that can protect you against a disaster.



Benefits of the Generac 5837

generac-at-a-glanceThis Generac standby generator has been very well received by people who have purchased the unit and had the opportunity to use it. It runs quieter than similar models, running at least 10 dB quieter than other standby generators that provide the same amount of power.

The automatic transfer switch kicks on very quickly, with users reporting that power went back on within one minute of the original blackout. Some users reported being able to use the generator around the clock for a period of several days until their power was fully restored. If you manage your appliances properly and maintain the generator correctly, you will barely even notice a drop in performance should you need this unit.

Maintenance and Installation Concerns

Very few users who had the opportunity to use the Generac standby generator reported having any significant problems with it. Of those issues that cropped up, most of them were related to incorrect installation or maintenance.

You should make sure to follow all installation procedures in the manual. This includes making sure that you don’t install the generator under a deck or overhang that might restrict exhaust and airflow. Before purchasing this product, make sure you know exactly where you intend to put the generator to avoid this issue. In between uses, you should also change out the gas and perform regular maintenance. Failure to do so will result in the generator faltering when you need to use it.

Generac also has a reputation for providing excellent customer service. If you do have difficulties with installation or operation, you should be able to get a fast resolution. Based on user comments and reviews, this is one of the better standby generators you can choose.

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