Generac 5818 EcoGen Series Review

Generac 5818 EcoGen Series Review

The Generac 5818 is a standby generator that is both effective and environmentally friendly. It uses a special oil recovery and circulation system that slows down the degradation of oil and reduces the fuel consumption of the machine. The unit also provides a simple-to-read LCD display that constantly monitors the generator and reports on performance, status issues, and any other problems that might arise without the user knowing about them.

What you Should Know

If you are looking to purchase the Generac 5818, you should first decide why you want a standby generator. This machine fits ideally with two types of people: those who want to have backup power in the case of an outage, and those who want to be “off the grid,” using power that they control rather than relying on the whims of utility companies. The generator produces about 6,000 watts of power, meaning that it can power most typical home appliances. However, you should check to see what your total wattage needs are before making a purchase. If you have a large number of appliances that use a lot of power, this generator may not provide quite as much energy as you would like.

Praise for the 5818

Most users of the Generac 5818 were satisfied with the way it operates. The machine starts right up with very few problems, and the front panel lifts easily to provide access to essentials like the oil tank and the battery. The machine runs quite quietly for a standby generator, which a lot of users also liked. Some users mentioned the aesthetics as a selling point. With a sleek, modern look, the generator is able to fit in with most households in an appealing way. The weather protective steel case was also excellent for those who live in harsh environments and need some extra protection from rain, wind and snow. Finally, the digital control display was very easy to read and understand.

Criticism of the 5818

Users had two consistent criticisms of the Generac 5818. First, the manual was difficult for some to understand. There is more comprehensive documentation available online through Generac’s website, but this requires a user to either bring a computer or mobile device outside while installing or to spend a lot of time and paper printing the documentation out. The other problem that users complained about is that the automatic battery charger uses a consistent draw from the generator’s power source. That means that even if you aren’t using the generator for anything else, it is still using a small amount of fuel in order to keep the battery fully charged.

Despite a couple of minor drawbacks, users were generally very happy with the Generac 5818. This machine provides a sleek and simple user experience with a long life and very little oil degradation. It is an ideal generator for those who want to try living off the grid but who still want some modern convenience.

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