Fluke TiS Thermal Imager Review


Fluke Tis Thermal ImagerContractors and home repair enthusiasts can find many uses for a good thermal imager. The Fluke TiS thermal imager represents one of the most reputable products currently on the market. The imager can easily scan any area of a house and give a fast and accurate report on the temperature of that area. This allows the user to identify areas that may suffer from heat loss, creeping moisture, and other common household problems.

Uses for the Thermal Imager

The Fluke TiS thermal imager is one of the most versatile tools that you can buy. It is commonly used among contractors, safety experts, and housing specialists, but can also be used by anybody who has a home repair of analysis project that they need a top of the line tool for. The product can help users identify places where they need extra insulation, areas that are getting excess moisture, and potential electrical problems. Because the imager measures temperature in a non-visible spectrum, it can catch things that the human eye normally misses. This is ideal for people who are seeking to improve their home or who are inspecting the safety of their wiring, as it can detect faults and potential hazards.

User Feedback

People who got a chance to use this product were generally quite positive in their feedback. Users were very happy with how precise the unit was and found that it was capable of finding even small penetrations in roofs and walls where heat was escaping. The product is durable and easy to carry. Although it weighs in at around eight pounds, it can easy be fit into a gun-style tool pouch, making it easy to draw, use, and replace. The product also comes with a slot for internal memory that can allow you to store up to two gigabytes of data. Many users found this feature of the Fluke TiS thermal imager quite useful, as it gave them a chance to record data in the present and analyze it more fully later on.

Fluke Tis

Criticisms of the Unit

As a whole, Fluke products tend to be very solid products with an extremely good reputation, and the Fluke TiS thermal imager is no exception to that rule. The few criticisms that users provided were relatively minor but still worth mentioning. Some users mentioned that the camera resolution is a little low, making it difficult for normal image comparison. Using a memory card that exceeded the listed capacity for memory on the imager tended to cause the machine to malfunction, so it is important to make sure you follow all instructions when placing memory in the unit. The retail price for this unit is around $2,500, which many people pointed out is very good for the quality of machine.

Contractors, inspectors, and those who are concerned with heat loss in their home can all use a good thermal imager. The Fluke TiS thermal imager is one of the better machines on the market and is reasonably priced for the high level of functionality it delivers.

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