Fluke Ti10 9Hz Thermal Imager Review

Fluke Ti10 9Hz Thermal Imager

Designed for professionals and serious builders, the Fluke Ti10 thermal imager is one of the top machines of this type on the market. It can measure temperatures as high as 600 degrees Celsius, providing functionality and accuracy to any type of job. This is an extremely well-reviewed product that provides accuracy, crisp images, and durability. Retailing for almost $4,500, this isn’t something an amateur will be interested, but it is a product that many professionals trust.


Product Features

The Fluke Ti10 thermal imager is one of the most accurate and durable products of its kind. In addition to being able to take readings of virtually any temperature, the device is capable of providing analysis and reports on its readings through the SmartView technology that comes built in. Readings and data can be saved internally using a 2 GB memory card, and that card can be placed in a reader for download to almost any computer. The product also features a hand strap that allows it to be used by both right-handed and left-handed users. This is a feature that left-handed users have commented on, since many thermal imaging devices tend to focus solely on right-handed functionality.


Pros of the Product

This product has won several awards for its design and function, and most reviewers felt that those rewards were well-earned. Users who got a chance to try out the Fluke Ti10 thermal imager were generally people who needed a good high-tech thermal imager as part of their job. The high temperature threshold was well received, with many people commenting that they had accurate and useful information, even in the hottest of environments. The device also comes with high dew point color alarms, which allowed users to determine if there was a risk of humidity affecting the machine’s functionality. The durability of the device was also appreciated, since it was capable of withstanding a drop or two.


Cons of the Product

Users who tried the Fluke Ti10 thermal imager generally had very few drawbacks to mention. A few individuals did mention that the image transfer between the product and computers with older software tends to be slower than desired. If this occurs for you, you should make sure to update your computer software and any relevant drivers to make sure you have the latest technology available. Other users stressed that this product is for professionals only and does not do much handholding for users who are not familiar with all the possible features of a thermal imager. If you are new to this technology, you should probably begin with a different product or find somebody who can train you.

All told, the Fluke Ti10 thermal imager is widely considered to be one of the very best thermal imagers on the market. While the price is high, the product delivers a quality experience. It provides accuracy, options, and clarity in a way that few other products on the market manage to do. If you are a professional in search of a machine that will last you for years, you should consider this device.

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