Fluke 289 Stand Alone Logging Multimeter Review

Fluke 289 Stand Alone Logging MultimeterWhether you are a professional or an amateur handling a home project, you need a reliable multimeter for high-precision jobs. The Fluke 289 is one of the more popular and well-reviewed multimeters on the market today. With an accurate digital display and the ability to store thousands of different readings, this product can be used by people who are engaging in such tasks as electronic installation, appliance maintenance, and household recalibration.







What is a Logging Multimeter?

A typical digital multimeter provides accurate and precise electrical readings so you know what voltage you are dealing with when handling an installation or maintenance procedure. This ensures that you won’t run the risk of accident or injury. A logging multimeter such as the Fluke 289 provides the same functionality but also allows you to store results and analyze data. This particular machine can store up to 15,000 recorded events, giving you the chance to analyze data from years back if need be. This can be handy in evaluating trends in your electrical layout and can also help you determine whether a particular outlet is stable or fluctuating and in need of repair.


Praise for the Product

Most people who tried the Fluke 289 provided high praise for this multimeter. Reviewers were happy with the sample rates, which were as fast as one sample per second. The versatility of the machine allowed users to measure voltage, amperage, and temperature with ease. All the readings the unit provided were accurate and easy to understand. The display screen is a dot matrix VGA LED display that provides a lot of easy to read information without the need to shift to another screen. The product was also reported to be extremely durable and safe, with no risk of a power surge even if the listed rating was slightly exceeded. The unit suffered some drops and collisions and still worked perfectly afterward.

Criticism of the Product

The Fluke 289 is one of the most popular products that Fluke produces and as such there is very little criticism among users. Those who did find something negative about the device sometimes mentioned the unit’s price, which is usually around $600. While that is still reasonable for a logging multimeter, some people would have preferred a less expensive option. Some people mentioned that the screen contrast is not as good as advertised and could have been updated with more modern technology to aid readability further. One final criticism of this multimeter was the fact that the beeping sound used to alert the user about something has no volume control, always providing the same loud beep.

Fluke products in general are known for their reliability and durability. The Fluke 289 is considered by many to be the top digital multimeter that the company has to offer. If you have a little bit of extra money to spend on a machine that is durable, accurate, and capable of storing thousands of data points, this multimeter might be the right choice for you.

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