FLIR i7 Thermal Imaging Camera Review

A good thermal imaging camera can be used for a variety of tasks, from mechanical repair to work site evaluation and even some recreational activities. The FLIR i7 thermal imaging camera is one of the higher-end products of this kind, and boasts a combination of portability, reliability, and accuracy. Reviews are generally positive about this product. If you are considering making a purchase, read on to find out what the strongest and weakest features of the unit are.

flir i7
Product Features

The FLIR i7 retails for approximately $2,000, but has a wide range of different features that leave many people thinking it’s worth the price. The unit is easy to carry, weighing in at only six pounds, and capable of fitting into a person’s pocket. The product advertises its accuracy to within 0.1 degrees Celsius, and most users attest to the truth in that advertisement. The camera’s lens is focus free, allowing users to view images conveniently through a small but crisp
2.8-inch LCD screen. The camera’s lithium ion battery lasts for five hours before needing a charge, and can potentially hold out for years with regular charging and careful maintenance. If properly taken care of, this unit can last for some time.

Praise for the Product

Users generally had high praise for the quality of pictures the FLIR i7 takes. The fact that these images are in JPG format makes them easy to manipulate on most computers. This also means that any images taken with the camera are immediately useable without having to go through the time needed to convert from a different format. Users also commented on the sensitivity of the unit, which enabled them to take heat readings through walls and floors to discover mechanical issues and areas in need of repair. Although it comes with a price tag of around $2,000, it is still competitively priced when compared to other thermal imaging devices, making this a purchase that many people were glad to make.

Criticism of the Product

The FLIR i7 is not without its occasional issues. Some of the problems that users reported included the fact that it can sometimes get stuck in one particular imaging mode. When this occurs, shutting down the unit and restarting it was able to solve the issue for most users. Some users thought that the range of optional features was a little slim, especially when compared to other similar products within this price range. However, it was noted that those other products often lack the level of clarity and accuracy that this camera does. Essentially, the final judgment call is a question of whether you want a high degree of quality with a smaller range of features or a larger range of options with less accuracy.

As a whole, the FLIR i7 was found to be an excellent mix of affordability and effectiveness. If you are looking for a good thermal imaging camera, this is a product you should at least take a look at.

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