Extech SDL600 Sound Meter SD Logger Review

Extech SDL600 Sound Meter SD Logger

The Extech SDL600 sound meter logger is a device that helps to measure the sound levels in an area. The data is displayed digitally for ease of use, and stored so you can compare different readouts in different areas. Using an SD card to store the data, the device allows for easy transfer from the small digital machine to a personal computer or mobile device. The product retails at around $600, making it more suited to those who will use it very often.


Uses for this Product

The Extech SDL600 is intended to help people analyze sound levels to help them determine potential noise issues and acoustic consistency. You can use this tool when determining how well certain building materials keep out ambient noise, or to find if the noise level of an area spikes or drops in certain areas.

When installing a potentially noisy object like a new generator, you can use this tool to determine the decibel level and decide whether you need to make any changes to your property in order to keep the noise to a minimum. This tool can also be used to determine the acoustic setup of a concert hall or other venue, which can be extremely useful for event planners, musicians, and sound technicians.


Extech SDL600 Sound Meter

Benefits of this Product

Across the board, user reviews for the Extech SDL600 sound meter were largely positive. Many people commented on the instrument’s accuracy, capable of getting the level of sound correct with a variance of less than two decibels. There was also a lot to be said for the easy digital display of the product, which is backlit to provide easy nighttime readings.

The use of an SD card slot rather than hardwired internal memory was also seen as a major perk, since that means that users can simply take out the SD card and insert it into any computer to analyze a record of the readings. As a whole, users found this product to be high in quality, accurate, and easy to use.


Extech SDL600 Sound Meter SD Logger testing

Criticism from Reviewers

There were a few criticisms from people who got a chance to use the Extech SDL600 over an extended period of time. One item that commonly came up about the product was the battery life. It is highly recommended that you avoid using generic brand batteries that tend to have a lower lifespan if you expect to use this product frequently.

Rechargeable batteries are an even better option. Some users noted that the data from this product is in Excel format when pulled from the SD card. This isn’t a problem for most users, but those who have a non-Windows operating system on their computers might have some minor compatibility troubles because of this.

Overall, reviews for the Extech SDL600 were very positive. With a combination of high functionality, good sensitivity, and intuitive use, this is a product that anybody who needs to analyze sound in an area should consider, be they professionals or do-it-yourselfers.

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