Dewalt DWS782 Compound Miter Saw Review

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“Before You Spend A Dime On A Dewalt DWS782 12-Inch Slide Compound Miter Saw, You MUST Read This Review!”

A miter saw can be a big investment for anyone who does woodworking as a hobby or to make a living…
…So in order to help you make an informed buying decision, here’s an in-depth review of the DWS782 that will give you everything you need to know so that you can shop with confidence!

Dewalt DWS782
Hello Fellow Woodworker,

You’ve come to this page for one reason and one reason only, you’re considering purchasing a Dewalt DWS782 12-Inch Slide Compound Miter Saw, but you want to make sure that it will live up to your expectations and perform well.

In order to help you come to a decision, we’ve created this in-depth product review that is going to take a long hard look at this machine. Hopefully we’ll be able to help you figure out if it’s worth the money or not.


Miter saws are an essential tool for any serious woodworker. It doesn’t matter if you’re a contractor, installer, framer, trim carpenter, cabinet maker, or if you do woodworking as a hobby.

Having a solid miter saw on the jobsite can make things flow a lot smoother make your jobs generally easier to do. With that being said, most miter saws tend to cost at least a few hundred dollars, making them an investment that needs to be seriously considered.


DeWalt, who is a titan in the power tool industry, has several miter saws available as part of its product line. The DWS782 is an upper midrange miter saw that is reasonably priced, but packs many features in for the money. So let’s take a look at everything this miter saw can do:


Dewalt DWS782 motor
This miter saw comes with a potent 15 amp motor that can spin the blade at up to 3800 revolutions per minute. This means that you’ll be able to cut through all the various types of wood like a hot knife going through butter.

Not only that, but you will be able to do it over and over again as this motor offers great power in addition to its extended durability. For added convenience, the power cord for the motor is routed through the rail in the back of the machine so that it doesn’t interfere with the slide of the miter saw.



Dust Collection
One of the most annoying things about working with any type of powered saw is the amount of dust that is generated during the process. This extra dust can add hours on to the cleanup time after any job.

The DWS782 has an extremely efficient dust collection system that can reduce the amount of dust generated by the saw by up to 75%. This is great as it makes clearer and cleaner air while you are working with the saw, and an easier cleanup after the work is done.


Dewalt DWS782 slide
Cutting Capacity
The cutting capacity of a miter saw is going to determine how useful it will be. This saw comes with a very good cutting capacity which would allow you to cut more sizes and types of wood. It has the following cutting capacities:

  • 6 ¾ Inch Vertical Capacity
  • 7 ½ Inch Nested Crown Capacity
  • 13 7/8 Inch Horizontal Capacity
  • Back Fence Design That Cuts Up To 2×16 At 90°
  • Also Can Cut Up To 2×12 At 45°

This also has uses a simple way to maximize vertical cutting capacity. It has a rail lock latch that holds the head away from the fence while you are cutting.


Dewalt DWS782 angle

Dual Bevel System
The DWS782 comes with an easy to see in use high visibility dual bevel system. This bevel system has easy angle adjustment and allows you to go from 0 to 49°. It has positive stops at 49°, 45°, 33.9°, 22.5°, and 0° in both the left and right directions.


Miter Detent Plate
You wouldn’t buy miter saw without good miter action on the blade right? Well, this saw can miter up to 50° to the left and up to 60° the right. The ability to adjust how you want to miter the saw is important too. That’s why this saw has an adjustable miter detent plate that has 10 positive stops.

A very useful cam lock miter button will allow you to lock the angles in between the detents easily. Also a detent override can be used that will allow you precision angle adjustments without having to use the preset detents.

Dewalt DWS782 review
This saw is relatively compact with compared to other saws and it comes in at 33 x 23.8 x 18.8 inches. It should fit nicely on the back of a truck or on a trailer if you’re going to be moving it, and if you’re going to be using it in the workshop it won’t take up that much room.


Now, no matter what the manufactures try to do to convince us otherwise, we all know that no product is perfect. Every product purchase has its pros and cons, including the purchase of a Dewalth DWS782 12-Inch Slide Compound Miter Saw. So let’s take a look at them to help you make an informed buying decision:



Powerful And Durable Motor – The motor is the heart of any miter saw, and you don’t want to purchase a saw that skimps in the power department. At 15 amps this motor is plenty powerful and is durable enough to put up with years and years of cutting.


Great Cutting Capacity – A miter saw is only as good as the types and sizes of wood it can cut. Thankfully the DWS782 has a very good cutting capacity that will allow you to get the most use out of it. There is very little that this saw can’t cut, so you’ll find it useful for most of the jobs you’re going to be doing.


Compact and Lightweight Frame – This miter saw is relatively compact compared to others at its price range. It also is relatively light weight which allows it to have great portability so you have no problem transporting it from job to job.


Three-Year Warranty – More than likely, you’re going to be using the saw a lot over the course of your ownership. If something were to go wrong you don’t want to be liable for having to make a costly repair or expensive replacement. Thankfully, DeWalt offers full three-year limited warranty that includes replacement should anything go wrong with your saw.



Does Not Come with a Lighting System – Some miter saws come with built-in lighting systems that make night jobs a breeze. Unfortunately, with this saw you are going to need to supplement your own lighting as it does not come with a built-in lighting system. However, given the price, this saw is still a great value for all the features you get.



For everything you get, it is well worth it to purchase this saw and add it to your collection of power tools for your woodworking business or hobby. DeWalt also offers a 90 day unconditional money back guarantee with the purchase of the saw.

That means you risk absolutely nothing when you purchase the saw. You’ll be able to use it for a full 90 days risk-free to evaluate it and make sure it’s a great fit for you and your business or hobby.



So thanks for reading this review, and we hope that the Dewalt DWS782 12-Inch Slide Compound Miter Saw provides you with many years of excellent cutting.

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