Bosch GLR500 Laser Distance Measurer Review

Bosch GLR500

If you are working on a building project, renovation, or just want to be able to find the distance between two points that are hard to measure, the Bosch GLR500 laser distance measurer might be a product that is useful to you. This is a very well-reviewed product that retails for about $560, but can be found at some online outlets for as low as $350. It provides multi-surface area measurements and calculations, and is one of the more accurate machines of its type.


Features of the Product

 The Bosch GLR500 laser distance measurer can take measurements from up to 500 feet away, which makes it useful anywhere from the inside of a home to a golf range. It can measure the distance between two spaces or estimate the total area of multiple surfaces by comparing objects that have a common length and height.

The built-in memory of this product has space for up to 30 different measurements, meaning that you don’t have to write as much down and won’t risk losing important information. Additional accessories can be purchased by those who want to get even more accurate measurements. These accessories can include products like a tripod or memory expansion set.


Bosch GLR500  Review

Benefits of the Laser Distance Measurer

 Many different reviewers have had a chance to try the Bosch GLR500 laser distance measurer, and the overall reaction is very positive. Most users found the device to be more accurate than a tape measure for their purposes, and capable of handling even 45 degree corners inside.

The length of the measurer’s range was frequently listed as another positive, since 500 feet exceeds the needs that most people will have when it comes to distance measurement. Users who took the device outside found that it had very good visibility in the daylight, which is a feature that sets it apart from other laser distance measurers. Overall, most people agreed that this product was worth the investment.


Criticism from Users

 Not all users had a perfect time with the Bosch GLR500 laser distance measurer. Some reported problems with outdoor measuring, claiming that the range was closer to 200 feet rather than the advertised 500 feet. In general, certain weather patterns can interfere with the readings, and these issues are listed in the user manual. Some people complained that the device actually had too many features, making its use confusing unless you are familiar with laser distance measurers.

If you are somebody who feels overwhelmed by a lot of options, you may want to consider a less expensive model that has a greatly reduced number of features. That might suit your needs better than this model.


Despite a few minor criticisms regarding the range and utility of the Bosch GLR500 laser distance measurer, this product is considered to be one of the better ones on the market. The readings are accurate, the machine has a lot of additional features, and the potential for improving the device even further through the use of accessories is a strong one.

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