Amprobe CT-100 Wire Tracer Review

Amprobe CT-100 Wire Tracer Review

Whenever doing electrical work, it is important to know where the potential wires, breakers, and other items connected to the electrical grid are. The Amprobe CT-100 wire tracer allows you to easily find not only live wires, but also shorts, faults, and broken wires so you can identify every important electrical piece while doing your work. The device is adjustable to various sensitivities, and comes with the added bonus of not disrupting other electrical equipment in use.


Product Features

The Amprobe CT-100 retails at a around $500, placing it well within the affordable range of both professionals and amateurs who plan to do extensive work with electrical wiring. The machine operates on a voltage ranging from nine to 300 volts AC or DC, and has an operating frequency of 6.25 kHz. The item weighs in at 10 pounds, making it hefty enough to sustain some minor damage, but light enough to be easily portable to any job. One major feature of this device is that it is incredibly sensitive, and is capable of detecting wires buried up to 13 feet deep. Even if you have a lot of interference from lead or other heavy metals, this device should be able to find all the wires you need.


Praise for this Wire Tracer

People who got a chance to use and review the Amprobe CT-100 were largely satisfied with the results. Many people, including some who worked professionally as electricians, appreciated the straightforward, no-frills presentation of the device. With a minimum number of controls to worry about, even those with relatively little experience can easily adjust the settings of this device and use it accurately. Users were also satisfied with the machine’s durability. This feature was especially valuable to professionals who typically bring their units to multiple homes, and might have to work in subpar conditions. For non-professionals, the product’s durability makes storage and handling much easier.


Criticism of the Product

The sensitivity of the Amprobe CT-100 can be a benefit, but also a drawback, as some users complained that they received many false positives when dealing with the product. In general, finding wires using a wire tracer requires patience, so be sure to put yourself in the right mindset before you begin a project. Those who are using this device in old houses or work sites that have seen a lot of rewiring in the past might experience some difficulty getting the device to read properly due to the amount of old wires and miscellaneous interference out there. Unfortunately, this is not a problem limited only to this product, and can be found as a drawback in most wire tracers.

As a whole, the Amprobe CT-100 is limited only in the same ways that most wire tracers are limited due to the level of existing technology in this field. If you want a device that is simple to use, relatively affordable, and accurate, this is a wire tracer that you should consider purchasing.

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